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About Us

            Who is the person behind the brand?

   High Honors was conceived by Manoucheca Joseph, a Haitian-American woman, in 2017 out of a passion for motivating women to be their true selves...


A Note From The Creator

Hello everyone, my name is Manoucheca Joseph {Ma - nouche-ca} but everyone calls me MJ and, I am the person behind the brand. Originally from the East Coast, I now reside in Los Angeles, CA. I am a daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, professional, just your every day modern working woman and downright homegirl.                                                                        
I first started this brand in 2017, while being on a purpose journey in this thing called life. Like most people, life will happen to you very fast and you either let it happen to you or you adapt and change the narrative of the direction it is taking you. I chose to change my narrative, so with lots of prayer and God I started my journey. I wanted to find a way to make myself happy while also putting a smile on others'. The world should be full of love and inspiration, and so with that concept, High Honors - the clothing brand was birthed.
In addition to curating the High Honors Collection, I am a full-time HR Professional. High Honors was birthed out of my passion for digging deep to uncover the desires of my heart, setting tangible goals, and achieving them while looking and feeling great about myself. Confidence is the key, both inside and out. ❤


Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook @highhonorsco, or  send me an e-mail at